Empowering irrigators through simple technology and people-centred learning

Our Mission

Through our unique monitoring tools that give output as colours, the Virtual Irrigation Academy enables farmers to merge the science of irrigation with their own practical experience.

Together with partners, we seek to reduce water use while increasing food production. We provide data that underpins the governance of irrigation to ensure that water is shared fairly and used efficiently.

Why VIA?

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Farmers and farmer learning groups using VIA data

VIA Stories

The Malawi Story

With over 1000 monitoring sites in Malawi, the VIA is making a major difference to irrigation across the country. This short video presents the vision of the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development to go the next step.

A Scientist’s Story

We have spent a long time developing monitoring tools that are different from the rest. This short video introduces the Chameleon Card, which is about the simplest way to measure soil water.

Partnering with an NGO

The VIA needs more implementation partners on the ground. This short video shows how an NGO included the VIA tools in their project to help irrigators make best use of their new water infrastructure.

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