Join the VIA Movement

Whether you are running a major irrigation project requiring advanced data analytics, or need a simple monitoring system for a garden, the VIA has a system for you. Learn about our range of users and visit our on-line shops in Australia and South Africa.

International Development Partners

International development agencies make large investments in water infrastructure. The VIA provides a unique Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning system that tracks how well water is used to produce food. The VIA can work with large numbers of farmers and oversee the quality of implementation that includes installation, training and data collection.

Read our story of how Malawi is rolling out the VIA at national scale.

Research Projects

The VIA strengthens the activities of “Agriculture for Development” projects. Having grown out of a research project, we understand the importance of rigorous testing, quality control and peer-reviewed research. We strive to be a socially responsible enterprise with high standards that will add value to new water development projects.

Learn more about how we partnered with IWMI in Ethiopia.

Non Government Organisations (NGOs)

The VIA is always looking to create new partnerships with NGOs who are committed to working with some of the world's most vulnerable food producers. Through an ethos of learning through creativity, the VIA's expertise lies in their ability to couple low-cost and highly accessible technology with farmer-centred learning, ongoing training and support.

Read our story of how in Southern Africa the VIA has contributed to a World Vision Australia project.

Commercial Irrigators

Large scale irrigators use VIA equipment either as an ‘entry-level’ technology or in addition to other commercially available technologies. A particular benefit of the VIA in this market is connecting water monitoring with salt and nitrate monitoring. Building on local expertise, the VIA provides experienced irrigators new insights for managing their water.

Backyard Gardeners

For the millions who want to grow food in their backyard, good yields start with water. For community gardens and school kitchen gardens, the VIA tools provide a fun way to understand the complexities of turning water into food. The Chameleon Card is perhaps the only research-grade water monitoring tool easily accessible for backyard gardeners.

The VIA founder Dr Richard Stirzaker has relied on his own backyard garden to develop and fine tune the tools used by thousands of food producers today, read his story.