Adding a new crop to an existing Sensor Array

In most cases, a Sensor Array will remain buried in the same Irrigation Bay.  A succession of annual crops may be grown over the same Sensor Array.  Thus you will need to add each new crop to the existing Sensor Array.

Finishing the current Crop

  1. On the 'Configure Farm' page, under the 'Crops' heading, find the current Crop for the Sensor Array you are concerned with. 
  2. Click: 'Action' \ 'Update Crop'
  3. Fill in the Harvest Date.  This will stop the visualisation at that date.
  4. Fill in any other fields you have data for.
  5. Click: Update

Creating a new Crop

  1. On the 'Configure Farm' page, to the right of the Sensor Array, click 'Action' \ 'Add Crop'. 
  2. Fill in the details that are known (Crop Type, Variety, Planting Date). The other details will be added after harvest (as above).
  3. Click 'Add' to save the changes.
  4. Click 'Visualise Farm' at the top of the Configure Farm page and you will now see the visualisation (colour pattern) for your new crop.

How to manually enter sensor records for your new crop

If you have a Wi-Fi Sensor Array the data will be automatically added to the Sensor Array and will display in your Crop visualisation.

If you have a non-Wi-Fi Sensor Array you need to continue to add data to the existing Sensor Array.

To add manual sensor records:

  1. On the 'Configure Farm' page, to the right of the Sensor Array, click 'Action' \ 'Data'
  2. Click on the Date field and select the measurement date from the calendar
  3. Click on the relevant colours to describe the colour pattern observed
  4. Enter an optional comment
  5. Click 'Add' to save the information

The sensor record will now form part of the crop visualisation where it falls in the data range of the crop.

Continue to add all data records for this sensor. You can enter the sensor data before or after you create the crop record.