VIA App - Getting Start Guide


The phone App "Chameleon Card System by VIA" helps farmers to collect and organise Chameleon Card soil moisture data.

The collected data is synchronised with the VIA website and stored against the users account.

Currently, the App is only available for Android phones. Visit the Google Play Store and search "chameleon card", select, then click "Install".

A key feature of the app is the data can be collected when there is no cellular Internet connection available to the phone. The data is stored in the phone and then later synchronised with the website.

To use the app, the user must sign up to the VIA and sign in to the app.

Sign up and Sign in process

If you already have an account with the VIA, you can sign in to the app using your email address.

If not, just follow the prompts on the app to sign up first. You will need an email address and access to check your email to sign up and sign in.

You don't need to remember a password, just leave the password field blank and a One Time PIN will be emailed to you.

Creating a farm

Chameleon Card data is organised in the app through creating a farm (or multiple farms) and then in sensor sets.

A farm will typically be a specific property where the sensors are located.

Creating a sensor set

A sensor set groups 1 to 4 sensors together in a set.

For example, you might bury 3 sensors at three depths below your crop.

Sensor installation process

See: Chameleon Card - Installation

Taking a reading

See: Chameleon Card - Use

Adding data

  • Read each sensor using a Chameleon Card
  • Press the 'Add Reading' button
  • Select the farm and sensor set
  • Change the data or time if you measured the sensors earler
  • Select the colours for each sensor depth
  • Press 'Save'

Colour pattern

With a each set of readings you add to the App, a colour pattern is drawn to display a historical record of the moisture in the soil over time.

You can change the date range displayed on the colour pattern.