Chameleon Card

The Chameleon Card is the simplest way to measure a Chameleon sensor. It measures one sensor at a time, but does not store or upload data.

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Six pack of single Chameleon Soil Water Sensors

How it works

  1. Chameleon Soil Water Sensors are buried in the root zone.
  2. The 2m wire is left above ground.
  3. The farmer touches the wires to the Chameleon Card and holds in the switch.
  4. The Chameleon Card instantly measure the soil water and displays the value using a coloured LED.

LED colour Meaning
Blue Wet Soil
Green Moist soil
Red Dry soil
Flashing yellow Sensor wire is not connected
Flashing red Battery needs replacing

The Chameleon Card is powered by a low cost, disposable CR2032 watch battery. The battery should last for 1000 readings before it needs to be replaced.

More detail

Chameleon Card Instructions