How to set up your Chameleon Wi-Fi Reader v0.77

Note: These instructions are for Chameleon Wi-Fi Reader firmware version v0.77. See Find your firmware version.

The first time the Wi-Fi Reader is used it will display the message ‘Configure Wi-Fi’.

This means that the Reader is looking for a Wi-Fi connection to send data to the website. However, it cannot connect to a known Wi-Fi Access Point. Configuring the Reader to a Wi-Fi Access Point only needs to be done once.

The Wi-Fi Access Point used for an Internet connection can be:

  1. A permanent Wi-Fi Access Point near the sensor location, which automatically uploads data every 2 hours.
  2. A temporary Wi-Fi Access Point, like a mobile phone Personal Hotspot, which can be taken to the sensors.

Wi-Fi Configuration Instructions

The Chameleon Wi-Fi Reader has three lights showing soil water at three depths and a screen showing the Sensor ID, Temperature, Battery status and Resistance readings.

The Chameleon Wi-Fi Reader screen

The first time the Reader is used, after reading all the sensors, it will display the message ‘Configure Wi-Fi’ and then start a 180 second countdown.

This means that the Reader cannot find a known Wi-Fi Access Point it can use to send data to the website. 

Wi-Fi Access Point The Wi-Fi Access Point you use may vary based on your situation and can be:
  • An Internet Router
  • A Pocket Wi-Fi device
  • An iPhone or Android Personal Hot Spot

Ensure your Wi-Fi Access Point is turned on. If using a phone, go to the Personal Hot Spot settings page, ensure it is enabled and stay on this page.

Config Device

To configure the Wi-Fi Reader to your Wi-Fi Access Point you temporarily need another device. We will call this the ‘Config Device’.

The Config Device can be:

  • A laptop computer
  • Another iPhone or Android phone
  • A tablet

Turn on Wi-Fi Reader by pressing the reset button at the bottom.

It will scroll through the readings then display ‘Configure Wi-Fi’ and start a countdown.

On the Config Device go to the Wi-Fi Settings and look for a Wi-Fi network labelled ‘Chameleon_XXXX’. Connect to this network.

The Config Device it should take you to a webpage ‘Chameleon WiFiManager’.

If this does not occur after about 30 seconds, manually open a web browser and enter the website address:

Select ‘Configure Wi-Fi’.

A list of available networks will display.

Select the desired network and enter Wi-Fi network password.

Select ‘Save’.

The Wi-Fi Reader will now attempt to upload the sensor data to the website and if all goes well will display ‘Upload Confirmed’.

The data can now be viewed on
You will require a username and password to set up your farm on the website and see your data.

Although the Wi-Fi Configuration is a once-off procedure, it may not work the first time. If not, turn the Wi-Fi connection off and on, ‘forget’ the Chameleon connection on the Config Device and try again.

Once successful, the Wi-Fi Reader will be permanently paired to the chosen Wi-Fi Access Point. To pair it to another Wi-Fi Access Point, turn off the first Access Point or take the Wi-Fi Reader out of range and follow these instructions again.