Pairing with iPhone (Advanced)

In this example the iPhone name and Wi-Fi password are:

Phone name (SSID): iPhone
Wi-Fi Password: abcd1234

For your setup, you may use whatever details you like.

Using the above details the Wi-Fi Config Beacon's SSID will be: iPhone<=>4321dcba

A Quick Summary

  1. In this procedure you will change your phone's original SSID (network name) by adding “<=>” to the existing SSID as well as your Wi-Fi password in reverse.
  2. The Chameleon Wi-Fi Reader will then scan the Wi-Fi networks and find the network name and password to use.
  3. You will then change the SSID (network name) back to the original, allowing the Chameleon to connect to the Wi-Fi with the details it discovered.

Prepare the iPhone as a Wi-Fi Config Beacon

Step 1
Press: Settings
Step 2
Press: General

Step 3
Press: About

Step 4
Press: Name

Step 5
The current phone name displays

Step 6
Add "<=>" and the reversed password

Step 7
Press: < About

Step 8
Press: < General

Step 9
Press: < Settings

Step 10
Press: Personal Hotspot

Step 11
Turn On Personal Hotspot and
check password is correct

Step 12
Wi-Fi Config Beacon is now ready

  • Step 13: Plug the sensor into the Wi-Fi Reader
  • Step 14: Press the Reset button on the bottom of the Wi-Fi Reader
  • Step 15: Wait for the screen to display: Trying SSID: iPhone
  • Step 16: Leave the Wi-Fi Reader trying and change your phone's name back

Change the phone's name back

Step 17 
Press: < Settings
Step 18 
Press: General
Step 19 
Press: About

Step 20 
Press: Name
Step 21 
Change back the name
Step 22 
Press: < About

Step 23 
Press: < General
Step 24 
Press: < Settings
Step 25 
Press: Personal Hotspot

Step 26 
Leave the phone on the Personal Hotspot screen

The Personal Hotspot screen must be displayed (and  turned on) for the Wi-Fi Reader to connect. Wait for the Wi-Fi Reader to connect and display Upload Confirmed

Now the SSID and password are saved in the Wi-Fi Reader and the Config Beacon is no longer required.

Finally, test all is working by pressing restart on the Wi-Fi Reader and see that Upload Confirmed is displayed again.