Pairing with iPhone (Easy)

These are instructions apply to all readers with firmware version 1.09 and greater. For older readers please use the advanced instructions.

A Quick Summary

In these instructions, we will set the iPhone name and Wi-Fi password to:

Phone name (SSID): VIA Hotspot
Wi-Fi Password: 12345678

Your reader will automatically recognise these network settings and upload.

Changing the iPhone name and Wi-Fi password

Step 1
Press: Settings
Step 2
Press: General

Step 3
Press: About

Step 4
Press: Name

Step 5
Change the name to "VIA Hotspot"

Note, all these variations will work:

via hotspot

Step 6
Press: < About

Step 7
Press: < General

Step 8
Press: < Settings

Step 9
Press: Personal Hotspot

Step 10
Press: Wi-Fi Password

Step 11
Change the password to:

Step 12
Enable to Personal Hotspot

  • Step 13: Leave the iPhone on the Personal Hotspot screen
  • Step 14: Plug the sensor into the Wi-Fi Reader
  • Step 15: Press the Reset button on the bottom of the Wi-Fi Reader
  • Step 16: Wait for the reader screen to display: Upload Complete. Your data is now uploaded!
  • Step 17: You may unplug the sensor array.

Future uploads

To upload data in the future, the Personal Hotspot screen must be displayed (and enabled) for the Wi-Fi Reader to connect.