FullStop Wetting Front Detectors

Important: Please read these instructions before assembly

The FullStop™ Wetting Front Detector shows how deep water infiltrates into the soil after irrigation or rain. It takes a soil water sample so that the movement of plant nutrients and salt through the soil can be monitored.

The Wetting Front detector can be used to:

  • find out if you are irrigating too little or too much
  • assist in the management of fertilizer and salt
  • show if the soil is water-logged.

The FullStop Wetting Front Detector helps you to "see" what is happening down in the root zone when you irrigate the soil. Wetting Front Detectors are usually buried at two depths in the root zone and pop up an indicator to show when the infiltrating water goes past. They also capture and store a sample of water from the wetting front.

Shallow Indicator: DOWN
Deep Indicator: DOWN

If neither indicator is triggered, then watering is generally too shallow

Shallow Indicator: UP
Deep Indicator: DOWN

Water has moved past the shallow detector to the lower part of the root zone.

Shallow Indicator: UP
Deep Indicator: UP

The deep indicator should be triggered only when it is necessary to fill the whole root zone.

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