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We are developing new products, new ways of seeing data and new ways of learning about water.

Several of our products are in the beta test phase. Although we have been testing equipment in our labs for the last four years and with irrigators for the last two, we need more help.

As we try to make the equipment more robust, user-friendly and low-cost, we need users to provide feedback. We will use this feedback to improve the design.

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The Virtual Irrigation Academy explained

We started a few years back with a basic Chameleon reader that showed the moisture in the soil as blue, green and red colours. Now we have a Wi-Fi enabled Chameleon reader combined with uniquely identified sensor arrays that sends data to this website.

This three minute video gives you a snapshot of the journey so far.

To see examples of soil moisture patterns select the "Our Community" button from the menu.

To learn more about the Chameleon and FullStop Wetting Front Detector select "The tools" button.