The tools

Our learning method is to combine local experience with several simple monitoring tools.

Our tools include:

Chameleon Soil Water Sensor

The Chameleon Soil Water Sensor measures how hard it is for plants to suck water out of the soil and the data is displayed as coloured lights.

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FullStop Wetting Front Detector

The FullStop Wetting Front Detector tells you how deep water moves into the soil during and shortly after irrigation. It also captures a soil water solution sample which can be extracted using a syringe.

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Measuring Nutrients

Nitrate test strips are used to indicate the amount of nitrate moving in the root zone. Nitrate (the main form of soluble nitrogen in soils) moves with water and is easily leached from the soil by over-irrigation.

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Measuring Salt

Pocket EC meters (Electrical Conductivity) are used to show whether salt is building up in the root-zone (under irrigation) or being continually flushed out (over-irrigation).

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